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There Be Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Creatures This Evening!

I heard back from Donna around 2:30 pm this afternoon.

The three players have decided that they really want to play tonight, as they feel they've not gotten in enough gaming so far this year. Part of this has been to the weather and sickness, but also due to the fact that they only play once every couple of weeks.

So I'll be running the Primeval RPG this evening, and am quite looking forward to it. I've spent about an hour or so working out a basic plot and adventure for tonight, though I've not really had to do a lot of beastie statting and the like. (Got lots of those from the game itself, and the ones I've created for the game additionally.)

Looking forward to gaming tonight.

And yes, the music I'm listening to has been giving me some inspiration for tonight's game! :)
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