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Toe Problems II

The appointment at the clinic went fine.

The place is called the We Care Home Health Services, and they are located in Billings Bridge Plaza on Riverside Drive (for those who know the city of Ottawa). They deal (as their website) shows with all sorts of medical care, both in clinic and home services, and were very friendly. The We Care clinic is a very professional facility, quite modern in style and feel, and the chairs are quite comfy in the offices and the treatment rooms. The lovely foot care nurse that I had my appointment with, Elizabeth, went through my medical history in terms of my feet, the diabetes, and so forth, but was very thorough covering everything. Right down to medications, allergies, leg problems in the past, and all that stuff one doesn't really want to remember.

She started off with a basic sensation test, prodding my feet with a relatively soft, needle-like device, and pronounced me as having "typical neuropathy" in my feet from what she's seen in the past. She then examined my feet, to determine their condition, and commented that my toenail that's been giving me problems doesn't appear to be infected, nor was there any sign that I had cut the toe or the nail badly at any time in the past. There was some redness, but Elizabeth said that was normal given the current weather and all. (It's been very hot here in Ottawa for the past week or so...)

I had my toenails cut and trimmed, the stuff cleaned out from under the nails, and so forth, had the cuticles examined, and all that good stuff. She told me that I didn't have any toe jam (her words, not mine) at all <g>, and was quite impressed with how clean I kept my feet. She was very careful, but forceful, in handling my feet, something I was grateful for as my feet tend to be sensitive and when they are touched I tend to jump or the legs/feet jerk. She trimmed the bad toenail somewhat, and smoothed it down with the same device that is used on calluses (I can't remember what it's called!) We talked and bantered about diabetes and all manner of other subjects during the hour or so of the appointment, and it was very relaxing for the most part. Not at all what I had been expecting, and to be honest, less stressful than I thought it would be. She also massaged my feet, something that I haven't had done by someone else in a long time, and it was quite...nice. :)

Elizabeth suggested that I change to a different type of socks, recommended a good ointment for my legs that is approved by the diabetic groups, and also suggested bathing my feet with epsom salts from time to time.

All that for a mere $28. Money well spent.

All is not good news, however. Tonight, my feet hurt a bit, a burning feeling actually, and the pain in the toe is back somewhat. Still, I feel a bit better than I did before I went, and will go again in about six weeks to see how I'm doing, whether I need another toenail cutting, and all.

I definitely recommend WeCare for sure, for those who need this sort of treatment.
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