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Friday Morning Blahs

It's Friday. Thank Goddess the weekend is almost here.

I spent a somewhat sleepless night last night, as my feet were bothering me something fierce after the footcare appointment yesterday. Footcare tends to leave me aching the next day, due to the abuse of my toes and feet, but today seems worse than usual. Add to that there's a few things on my mind, and the mind and body just couldn't get to sleep last night, so it was a restless, fitful sleep I got.

Work this morning is extremely busy, and I have to say that my eyes hurt from all the time spent on the computer yesterday and today on the job that I'm doing at the moment. Couple that with the time I've spent on the computer at home as well, and suffice it to say that my eyes feel somewhat...hardboiled.

Yes, I know that I've not posted up the gaming report on the Wednesday night group's play of the Primeval RPG session, but life has gotten in the way. Just...expect it when you see it. :)

Back to work.
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