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Wednesday Night Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 2

As noted elsewhere in my blog, the Wednesday night players started their campaign of the Primeval RPG on Wednesday this past week. I've been meaning to transcribe the notes and then post them up to the blog, but just couldn't get around to it for various reasons. Ah, well, better late than never. :)

Here is the first actual play session of the Primeval RPG campaign featuring the Wednesday evening gaming group. This session dates back to March 4th of this year. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Dr. Paula Richardson (Donna Winston) - Palaeontologist
Sgt. Charles Kinson (David Winston) - Former Soldier
Joanne ("Jonie") Williams (Kendall Scott) - Reporter

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

The place: The city of Ottawa, the province of Ontario, Canada. The time: the early spring of the year 2007 AD. This is the modern day world, but it's a world that's about to be "invaded" by creatures and people from different times and places, that will offer danger, excitement, and exploration to our cast of characters...

The adventure opens at the Herzberg Laboratories building on the Carleton University campus in the Department of Earth Sciences. Palaeontologist Dr. Paula Richardson is discussing a field trip that she will be taking with one of her research assistants, Leslie Fierson, when they are interrupted by a student, James White. He asks her if they've seen the paper, the Ottawa Sun, and a report of an animal that attacked a young girl at a small home in Leermont, a small community some 60 kilometres from Ottawa. Paula doesn't understand James's concerns, until she reads the paper and learns some more of the circumstances. She decides that it would, perhaps, be a good diversion to check it out, and since she has no more lectures until Friday, decides to take a two-day trip. Leslie and James insist on coming with her, both of them reassuring her they have the time to do so.

In the facility of Project Tempus, Sergeant Charles Kinson is going about his routine duties when he is called into the office of one Clayton Folkes, the director of operations. Folkes is sitting with Professor Roderick Williams, and the two are discussing a newswire story about a young girl being attacked in Leermont. Professor Williams, acting with Folkes's permission, assigns Sgt. Kinson to take a small group of men (no more than six) and to travel to Leermont to check out the story. Something smells wrong about it, Williams tells him, but he's not sure what. Kinson goes to get ready and chooses his team, deciding to take a mere four men with him.

Meanwhile, at the home of Joanne ("Jonie") Williams, the reporter and publicist is reading stories on the news when she comes across the article about the young girl injured at a home in Leermont. She calls several of her newspaper connections, and learns that one or two of them might accept a freelance piece about the incident if there's anything to it. She makes her plans to travel to Leermont, and decides to head out the next morning after taking care of some personal matters.

Several hours later, Paula and her entourage arrive in the town of Leermont, population 390. They find a small hotel, the Derrison, to stay in (having checked that it's a good quality place), and start making some inquiries about what happened. They learn where the Johnsons live, and that the little girl who was attacked, Mary Johnson, is prone to being scared easily. Paula goes to the Johnson home, and after identifying herself, is able to see and speak to little Mary. The girl tells her that she was out playing at the edge of the property abutting the woodland nearby, when she heard a snuffling noise, and approaching the source of the sound saw a "weird lizard" of some sort. When she got closer, it was munching on some of the early spring leafy flowers nearby, but was startled, and took a large nip out of her. Afer getting permission from the Johnsons to search out back of the house somewhat, Paula exits to find Leslie and James all hyped up. It seems that the government has sent some men to town...

Meanwhile, two silver SUVs arrive in Leermont, bearing Sgt. Charles Kinson and his men. They spend a bit of time getting the lay of the land, and take to their cover of being surveyors...well equipped surveyors, with guns. They find that the only hotel able to accommodate them is the Derrison, a quaint little place, but Charles says that he's had to stay in a lot worse bivouacs. They go to the local library, and access the records of the geological surveys in the area, finding the last one was done in 1952, the time of the founding of the small community. Coming up with their cover story for why they're looking at the area round the Johnson home, they head for the Johnsons.

Back in Ottawa, Joanne is making her preparations for travelling to Leermont when she comes across an interesting statistic about the town. She learns that a geological team that was in the area in 1975 spotted some odd magnetic phenomena in the woods near Leermont back then, but accounted for it with some geological mumbo-jumbo that she doesn't understand. She pays a visit to Carleton University, and talks to a professor there, Dr. Herman Bohs. Bohs tells her that he has no idea what the readings indicate, but she gets the feeling that he's not being truthful to her. [Obviously there's more going on here, but I'm not going to post it here. You'll have to wait and see, dear reader!]

At the Johnsons' home in Leermont, Sgt. Kinson and his men, pretending to be surveyors, talk with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, and learn the conditions of their daughter's injuries. Charles tells her they are there from the Survey department, and want to do a small scout around the back of their house and the edge of the forest to begin their study of the area. Mr. Johnson tells them that he's okay with it, but says there's a palaeontologist in the area as well, and that he hopes she won't get in their way. Charles eyes his fellow soldiers, and gets a bothersome feeling about the situation.

At the back of the Johnson house, Paula, Leslie, and James are looking around the part of the property that abuts the forest when Paula spots what appear to be some small tracks, tracks that she's never seen the likes of before. She starts to make a casting of the print with her portable kit, after Leslie snaps a couple of photographs, when there is a sudden roar from the forest. All three characters feel some fear as a result, though nothing that drives them off. While she works, Leslie and James continue to look around...and James says very quietly that he's found something... When Paula and Leslie come to see what he's found, they see a large patch of drying blood on the ground - and a very large, very deep animal print next to what appears to be a human footprint...

And there you have it, the first Wednesday night game session of actual Primeval RPG play. Overall, I thought the game session went pretty well, and that the plot has been moved forward a little bit. The players had a pretty good time of it, stating that they rather enjoyed themselves, and found the game system and rules easy to work with. Needless to say, the players were extremely disoriented by the placement of Threat markers on the table, especially after I reminded them what those meant! <evil g> Donna, who had played a bit in the last PbeM game that I had run, helped David and Kendall out with stuff as needed, though there wasn't a lot of stuff with the actual beasties going on this session, although some pipe has been laid (as they say when it comes to books) for a few of the sub-plots that lie ahead.

So I'm definitely looking forward to running the next game session of this in a couple of weeks. :)
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