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Surviving Wonderland

I feel invigorated, today.

Yes, I know it's Sunday morning and it's only about 8:00 am or so. I decided to go to the gym this morning and get some exercise. The fact that it's not that warm out today is also a blessing. Worked out for a good 25 minutes; even with the limited mobility in my shoulder,treadmills and bicycles are great! Needed it after last night's dinner, which I will post about later, but for now, I thought that a good poll would do me good.

You scored as The Red Queen. You have control issues, you anger easily, your favorite color is red, and you've always wanted to roll someone's head. Can anyone say, "Anger Management?"


The Red Queen


The Cheshire Cat


The White Rabbit




The Catapillar


The Mad Hatter


Could you survive Wonderland?
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Well, at least I'm not Mad as a Hatter! :)

Off with their heads...oops, I mean off to eat some breakfast! :)
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