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A Busy Afternoon

Just home finally from a very busy afternoon.

After I got off work, and finally having found my birth certificate, I decided to get my passport application done and processed today. Since I can't go to GenCon Indy without one. On the way from work, I stopped at Billing's Bridge mall, and had lunch at the food court. From there, it was over to the nearest Black's camera and photography place, and had my passport photos taken, costing me $22.50 for the honour. Looking at the photos, I saw I'm just a little bit balder and a lot greyer. *sigh*

From there, it was over to the Passport Office over near Hogsback Bridge in one of the little building malls. After going through the "I've come in to get a passport" stuff and getting some of the basics out of the way because of my dual citizenship, I sat back and waited for about 45 minutes before getting to see an agent and arranging to get my new passport. While sitting and waiting to see an agent, it occurred to me that we seem to spend most of our lives in queues (the bank, grocery shopping, etc.), other than when we're sleeping. Wonder if there's been a study made of this...

Anyway, I finally got to see the agent, and the process went as smoothly as it could, considering the dual citizenship issue. I decided to take the 10-year passport, as to be honest, it was cheaper that way, and I plan on taking some honest-to-Goddess vacations in the coming years, so it made sense. The process was painless, and my passport will be delivered by registered mail sometime within the next month.

Leaving the Passport Office, I tiredly and dizzily made my back home, where I had a bottle of water, with a sugar tablet (as my blood glucose was low). Once I finish this blog entry, I'm going to relax on the couch with my feet up and watch a PVRed episode or two before I have to think about making supper.

Very tired, very hurting, and sore in places that I won't go into.
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