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The Day That Was, and RPG Night

Came in from work today, and just feel exhausted. I've still not been sleeping well, and the pain that I'm still experiencing somewhat in my toe has not helped. The weather today was warm, but there was a good breeze in the air, so driving home wasn't too stifling. Regardless of that, the hot weather has been draining me.

Spoke to the folks at The Comic Book Shoppe down on Clyde Avenue, and they want me to run a game of Hollow Earth Expedition for Free RPG Day next Saturday, June 21st. I'll be dropping by the store tomorrow, probably with spross, to pick up the game kit for HEX. So I hope to see some folks who are interested in games other than 4th Edition D&D out there for that game.

In the meantime, I have to get ready to do supper and then got the Friday night gamers coming over. We're starting the Sufficiently Advanced rpg tonight, as the characters are all done (see this journal entry for more on the player characters). I'm rather looking forward to this, as I've been in something of the doldrums all week long.

Anyway, upstairs to start making a spot of supper.
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