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A Bad Night and Early Morning

It's Thursday morning. And I seriously hope the rest of the day is better that most of Wednesday evening was.

As noted, I went to get my passport yesterday and had to do a lot of standing, walking around, and stuff. As most of the folks who read my LJ know, my left ankle has some serious nerve damage, and the ankle is constantly badly swollen and there's a lot of pain that affects my leg and foot.

After getting home from the passport office in the early late afternoon, I started to get nerve spasms of severe pain in my left big toe. This is the usual place that it seems to affect me, but I've come to deal with them though they do hamper my life at times if they're severe enough. Well, last night they were... and they didn't go away at all overnight, and I'm still suffering from them slightly even as I type this post. Add to this the fact that my left ankle is even more swollen this morning, and the fact that it's hurting on top of everything else.

Suffice to say I didn't get a lot of sleep last night at all, and nothing that I did or took for the pain helped in the least. I have wanted to start Lyrica or some drug like it for some time now, but between the insulin and the Forxiga that I'm taking for the diabetes, the doctors have refused to let me start the stuff until we see the full side effects, if any, of the two diabetic medications.

I just have to pray that the pain doesn't continue all day today. Wish me (lots of) luck!

In the meantime, work goes on.
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