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Monday Morning Blahs

It's Monday morning.

A new week. Another work week, and the first work day of said week.

Meh. I've come down with a bug. I've been running a bit hot this morning, and feel like crap. The good news is that my cough has subsided. It happens; I always catch something at this time of year. Weather changes, poor immune system due to the diabetes no doubt, and other factors. Or perhaps it has something to do with the new drug, Forxiga, that I've been taking for just over two weeks now. One of the side effects is influenza and flu-like symptoms. Anyway, meh.

In any event, I am at work and getting the job done today, though it feels like I'm operating through a curtain and my senses are somewhat dulled by pain and some medication that I've taken for the worst symptoms.

I manage. I hope.
Tags: diabetes, health hut, life, office, personal, sick, work

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