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Atlantis: Theragraphica Has Arrived!

Good news in the snail mail today.

My copy of the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG supplement, Theragraphica, arrived today, along with the other stuff from my Kickstarter pledge for the book. Here's the proof in the pudding.

The Theragraphica book, from the cover on out

And just to give folks an idea of some of the wild and crazy beastie neatness for your sword & sorcery roleplaying games is contained within, I present a couple of sample stuff for your perusal.

Giant Termites, Tikoloshe, Umdhlebi, and Winged White Apes, Oh My! :)

Julana and Muldjewangk, Even More Oh My!

Definitely a cool book of monsters and adversaries for your Atlantis: The Second Age game, and enough stuff in there to freak your players out (and possibly you, the GM)! Can't wait to run the game again and use some of this material. <g>
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