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Snowy Saturday Morning

Saturday morning in the Ottawa valley.

Spring, my ass! While it may be -1oC here in the Ottawa valley, it's snowing like crazy out there this morning (though it's only supposed to drop around 6 centimetres max, but it looks like a lot more than that has already fallen). I'm just glad right now that I'm not allowed to drive the car (due to the medication issues I'm currentlystill having these days), but it is somewhat limiting my mobility and the like insofar as getting out. Add three broken toes on my driving foot, and well... even less mobility. *sigh*

Don't have any real plans for the weekend, other than to do some gaming and a bit of reading and maybe tv watching. Had a good evening last night with the Friday group, as they continued on with their River of Heaven campaign (which I will blog up later today, once I've transcribed the write-up), though I'm still feeling like crap.

For now, I'm going to put my right foot up and do a bit of reading of some stuff before I go and take the morning shower. Hopefully, the heat will ease how I'm feeling at the moment.
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