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Wednesday Night Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 3

As noted elsewhere in my blog, the Wednesday night players continued their campaign of the Primeval RPG on Wednesday (the 25th of March) this past week. Here the game session notes for that night's play. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Dr. Paula Richardson (Donna) - Palaeontologist
Sgt. Charles Kinson (DavidW) - Former Soldier
Joanne ("Jonie") Williams (Kendall) - Reporter

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Before they can discuss matters further, Dr. Paula Richardson, Leslie Fierson, and James White are interrupted by the arrival of Sgt. Charles Kinson and two of his men, having left the others to check around the perimeter of the house. Things are somewhat antagonistic to begin with, Paula believing that Kinson and his people are from the military, but he assures her they're not. One of Kinson's men, Harris, has some knowledge of medicine; he tells Kinson and the two women that Mary Johnson's injuries are mostly bruises, but that he saw two puncture wounds caused by what he thinks are flattened teeth. Paula says that would be consistent with something herbivorous, not meat-eating, so it would seem to rule out any dangerous wildlife in the area. Charles tells her that's as maybe, but *something* is definitely out there. Paula asks if he knows more than he's telling, but he turns to his men and gives them their orders. Paula and Leslie show Charles the animal print that they found, and they send James for some of their tools as the palaeontologist is intent on taking a mould of the print, since it's unusual. Once they've got the print, Paula tells Charles that they're calling it a night. It's too dark out to get any real work done, and the local forest is quite dense. Charles agrees with her, and he agrees to get some rest before the morning.

Back in Ottawa, Joanne Williams finishes doing some research on Leermont, and learns a bit more through research about the 1975 incident in Leermont. She realises the only way to find out the truth of the matter is to check the local newspapers there. As she heads back to her place, Joanne realises that she's being followed by two individuals, but they are keeping themselves well hidden. They continue to follow the apprehensive reporter, but don't approach her, and she gets home safely. She finishes her packing and goes to sleep, making sure all the doors and windows in her Glebe home are securely locked.

The morning of March 7th dawns bright, cool, and clear, but hints at possible showers during the day. Paula and her colleagues discover that Charles and his "colleagues" are all staying at the Derrison. The two eat breakfast together, and compare notes. Paula says that her animal print turned up something interesting. Leslie's research indicates that the print is similar to some track traces of herbivorous hadrosaurs, but they've not got a match on it. Charles doesn't seem surprised, and when Paula tries to draw him out, he gives her nothing. When Charles asks, she tells him that she's sent Leslie and James over to the Leermont Journal offices to see what they can learn about matters. In the meantime, he suggests that they go over to the Johnson house again, and see what they can learn.

Joanne arrives in the village of Leermont, and goes and takes accommodation at the only available hotel, the Derrison. Some time later, the small staff at the Leermont Journal are suprised at the arrival of the reporter, Joanne Williams, who tells them she wants to check out the archives. Meg Wright, the lone staffer on duty, says that there are a couple of other folks, scientists from Ottawa, in there already, but while it'll be crowded, she's amenable to her checking out whatever she's looking for. Joanne tells her a little about what brings her to Leermont, and Meg chuckles, telling her that the Monster of Leermont is a myth and legend, but she's more than welcome to look into matters.

At the Johnson home, Elizabeth Johnson is surprised to see both Paula and Charles, but agrees to let them continue with their work at the back of the Johnson residence. In the garden at the back of the house, by the light of day, the two and Kinson's men find more tracks in the mud, that Paula identifies as definitely being those of an Ornithopod creature (a dinosaur?) of around 40 kilos mass. Charles notices that some of the plants in the garden, notably some odd, purple tinged ferns, have been eaten, and Paula says that confirms that it must be a herbivore though she still can't believe that it's a dinosaur of some sort. Charles's men spot the tracks leading into the forest, and he and Paula, along with two of his men, head off to follow them, although Paula asks the other two who will remain behind to tell Leslie and James where they've gone. The foursome head off into the forest.

At the Leermont Journal archives, Joanne meets James and Leslie, and the three go about their research. The reporter is curious as to the presence of the university personnel, and learns a bit from Leslie, who takes a liking to Joanne ("Call me Jonie"). Joanne learns from the records of the history of the Leermont Monster and the sightings in 1912, 1963, 1964, and 1997 in the area, as well as the presence of the experimental farm owned by GCL, an agricultural and pharmaceutical corporation. Thinking that she may be of use to them, though not sure about whether they can trust her not to make a story of it right away, Leslie and James (who has taken a shine to her) invite Jonie to go with them back to see Dr. Richardson. The three head over to the Johnson house.

Meanwhile, Paula, Charles, and his two men follow the tracks of the ornithopod herbivore into the Leermont Woods. As they walk, Charles comments to her that if one ignores the bits of trash here and there, the eerie quietness and other things make one feel almost as if one has travelled back thousands of years. Paula notes that there are more of the purple ferns dotting the woods as well. They continue following the tracks deep into the woods, and they both spot another set of tracks. Paula comments these are clearly from something larger, possibly a predator. Charles points out some damage to the tree branches overhead, indicating something of size. Paula guesses that judging from the height of the tree branches (2 metres), the creature in question was a good six metres long, a sizeable creature for sure. As they continue on, the player characters hear crashing through the woods, and it seems to be coming directly towards them...

Meanwhile, Joanne, Leslie, and James arrive at the Johnson house, and are told by one of the men that Kinson left behind that he and Dr. Richardson have gone into the woods in search of...whatever. Joanne and Leslie are somewhat alarmed at this though, and decide that they should go after the palaeontologist and the surveyor. They head for the garden at the rear of the house to find the tracks, Charles's man leading the way. They reach the area where the original tracks are, the surveyor guy pointing them out, and Leslie and James head into the woods to follow them. Joanne asks if they're going out there without any preparation, and both look at her oddly. Joanne comments that she goes into trouble without being prepared all the time, and follows the two university folks into the wood - as an unearthly screeching noise emanates from the woods, off to their right...

The game session of Primeval on Wednesday night was a highly entertaining one, with some great roleplaying, a few hints thrown out here and there (with Threat markers on the table at the end in two distinct piles!), and the players *dying* to know what's going to happen next! Successful session, indeed! :) All three players are enjoying themselves immensely with the game, and have been frantically scribbling notes about stuff happening, and Donna is rather excited to see what creatures I've got lined up for them! Crazy fun.

While the Wednesday players won't be playing again for two weeks, I'm very much looking forward to continuing this game, to be sure! Dinosaur goodness all the way! :)
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