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Sunday Afternoon in the Antediluvian World, Another Round

As mentioned earlier today, I gamed yesterday with the Sunday afternoon group.

Suffice it to say that we didn't play the game that I was expecting to get into once more. I had thought that we were going to continue on with the River of Heaven campaign that was just getting off the ground, but during the week, one of my players told me that she was tired of trying to play with the other player and his lack of communication skills. She felt that since he was disinterested in the science fiction game that he had wanted to play in, that she wanted to go back to the fantasy roleplaying side of things. Since he didn't offer any objection to this, and given that I was down in the dumps about things since last Sunday's game session (you can read the blog entry at the link), I went along with it.

So yesterday, when the players showed up to game, we started up with the Atlantis: The Second Age roleplaying game of sword & sorcery set in the Antediluvian age. But not the game we'd been doing prior and back when. Tammy wanted to do a Triton-based game, with a totally underwater and aquatic motif. spross didn't object to this, and so they got down to business. We started off by going over some of the very basics of the game, covering the rules predominantly, and then the two players created their characters.

Both players created Triton characters for the game, spross creating a scavenger of ancient artefacts and Tammy creating a herbalist of the Triton people. The process took over 4-1/2 hours to complete (I'm not going into the reasons why), but I was pretty exhausted and stuff when it was all over with. Furthermore, as noted in this morning's blog entry, I didn't pay attention to my diabetes as I should have, and was really quite ill when it was finished.

That said, I told the players that I'm going to run two different Atlantis: The Second Age campaigns, one with the Triton characters, and a campaign on the surface, using either new characters that they will create next week or the two original characters that they were already playing. So they still have to make up their minds about that. I plan to tie the two campaigns together, somehow, and while I have a few ideas on that, it's going to take a bit more work to figure out some of the specifics.

The session was tough since I'd not looked at the game since I last ran it, some four or five months ago at least, but I had a good afternoon of things.
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