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Work Is Done, and No Jokes On Me Please

Work is done for the day, and I'm getting ready to head home and get some rest and some painkillers into my system.

Even though today is April Fool's day, I'm glad that I was considered a joke-free zone for the day, as to be honest, I just couldn't deal with it, and I've been dealing with some stuff that, to be perfectly honest, has made me a bit of a grump the last few weeks or so. And the fact of the matter is that while I enjoy a well-thought out prank (and there are those who know what I'm talking about), too much of what goes on today seems to rely on a harmful or hurtful "snap" (for lack of a better word) for the prank to come off, and that really isn't my kind of pranking.

So, hope folks are having a good day, and that April Fool's Day has you. :)
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