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Friday Night Game is Cancelled

In sad news for my day, this evening's gaming session with the Friday night group is off.

Three of my players are busy with Easter weekend stuff tonight, so can't make it, and the other two players decided that they'd rather skip tonight. So I will not be running the ongoing River of Heaven campaign game tonight (Friday). This has me a bit sad.

The good news is that the five players really do want to play this weekend, so are working things out to see if perhaps we can game Saturday (tomorrow) night. This would be nice, but we'll see if it happens.

In the meantime, I can spend some time this weekend doing some work on the Atlantis: The Second Age game, since it seems I'll be running this again when the Sunday gaming group resumes play after the Easter weekend.

In the meantime, thinking about what to make for supper... Definitely going to have some chicken soup with supper today. Hoping my mom's homemade Jewish penicillin (it's Pesach, see?) helps with my health issues at the moment.
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