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Close Call with Feet

Today has been one of those days.

Wanted to go to work this morning, so when I start the car up...grinding noise from where the fan belts are and smokes starts pouring out of engine on the right side as you face the front of the car. No time to deal with it, so call Donna's just before she and her spouse are leaving for work, and get a lift to the office.

Come home from work. Same problem with the car. spross dropped by after work, and he and I checked out the car. I started the car, and it seemed to turn over fine with no ill effects or the like... Opening the hood, spross and I found what appeared to be a piece of sandpaper jammed into a part of the engine to the left of the fan belts, and there was what appeared to be a loose grounding cable of some sort. I moved the car out of my parking space a bit, and saw there was a leak of oil under the car (this despite the fact that the car had been serviced the beginning of June), and a small bracket of some sort was lying under the car, near the oil drippings. Just great. So tomorrow, I will have to somehow get the car to the garage, and then pray that I have a car to get to the Free RPG Day stuff that I've committed myself to on Saturday.

However, that's not the part that was the close call... After spross left, I went back inside. I went back out to check on the day's snail mail about twenty-five minutes ago, and as I was checking my shoes before I went out, I found a rusted nail embedded into the right shoe, at the point just under the ball of the foot, slightly towards the arch. I quickly checked out the bottom of my right foot, but all was pristine (or as pristine as it gets). If I had put the shoe on and walked with that...

So, let that be a lesson to all you diabetics...always make sure you check the interior of your shoes or sandals or other footwear before you put them on.
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