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Easter Monday Morning Thoughts

It's Monday morning, at least I think it is. ::checks calendar:: Yes, it is.

Seeing as it's Easter Monday, I have taken the day off today. To be honest, I need it off. My health is not good, I feel like crap at the moment, and whatever's wrong with me doesn't seem to be clearing up. (Which leads me to believe more and more that it's the new medication that I'm taking, either that or I've caught a bug that I can't seem to shake.) Either way, it's a good thing the doctor appointment is scheduled for tomorrow in the late afternoon.

While I have the day off, I do need to take care of the laundry, do a bit of house cleaning, and change the bed linens. No rest for the exhausted, as they say.

And this afternoon, my newest Friday night player will be coming over to create his character for the Atlantis: The Second Age game. Quite looking forward to that.
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