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Doctor's Appointment

As mentioned this morning in the blog, I had an appointment at the doctor's late this afternoon.

I went to the appointment, but it all came for pretty much nought. All my symptoms are just "something to do with the diabetes". When I told him about the pounding heart and the chest pain he said that I should have gone to the hospital, not to his office, but he quickly reassured himself that it's not my heart - with a stethoscope in three places, two on the back and one on the front.

In the end, he sent me off to one of the local laboratory set-ups for some blood tests to check a few things out, as well as an ECG, and said I'd hear from him either tomorrow or the day after with the results.

Truth be told, given my current state, when I left the doctor's office I was sobbing somewhat and felt beaten up and broken. But I went for the blood tests and the ECG.

It's all just-- I am just a total effing mess, and not even hot, right now.
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