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Getting Ready for a Primeval Wednesday Night

Getting close to supper time right now.

I'm looking forward to running tonight's gaming session with the Wednesday night gaming group, so I've spent some time this afternoon doing the prep work that I needed to get done for that. Had a restful couple of hour and a half or so after that, so am pretty jazzed.

This evening the Wednesday night gamers will be continuing their Primeval RPG campaign, and like I said, all jazzed up for it. One thing I have found is that running the Wednesday night sessions every couple of weeks is really good for me, as it lets me allow the creative juices to build up again over the two weeks between sessions. Not as though I'm going to run out of creative ideas for the Primeval campaign, though! :)

Anyway, time to head upstairs and fix up some supper for the evening. Roast turkey, with a salad, some green beans, and maybe some mash. Hmm... Sounds yummy! :)

Have a good night, folks. :)
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