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A Night of Contrasts

Yesterday's evening and night hours were a study in contrast.

I had a good time last night with the Wednesday gaming group, as I ran the latest session in the Primeval RPG campaign. It was an evening with a lot of stuff happening in it, and dinosaurs were quite present throughout. I'll be blogging about the game session later today, probably some time this afternoon.

The night, by contrast, was a disaster. I woke up three times last night with acid reflux. It was quite severe the second time, but bad enough each time that it woke me, and by the third time, I was at my wit's end on the solution to it. I managed to get back to sleep each time (for a short time, anyway), but suffice it to say I'm not feeling all that good in my tummy and abdominal regions.

Needless to say, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night at all, so have been a bit groggy this morning here at work to start the day. Hopefully I'll wake up a bit as the day wears on, and I'm hoping that the peppermint tea I've had will make my stomach and lower parts calm down.
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