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Friday Morning Blahs

Came in to work this morning, but don't feel well.

All the usual complaints, and my voice is ragged and my chest is hurting the way it's been for the past month (probably longer, but can't remember). Add to this today that I've got hurting, bruised feet after yesterday's footcare appointment. (But that's relatively normal, though it's worse with the three broken toes still healing.)

Work is busy this morning, so that's keeping my (head aching) mind off other things, to some degree.

It is doubtful that I'm going to game tonight with the Friday night group due to my health reasons and because Kathy's sister is in town for the weekend. And to be honest, I just want the night off to try and relax and catch up on some sleep, if possible.
Tags: foot problems, footcare, friday gaming group, gaming hut, health hut, personal, rpg hut, sick

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