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Sunday Gaming Session of Atlantis: The Second Age Is On, Sort of

It's Sunday morning, almost the end of the weekend.

And I have to admit that I feel pretty decent today, and my usual aches and pains and other physical problems seem to be somewhat muted today. This is a good thing. :)

I'll be gaming with the Sunday gaming group this afternoon, sort of. Tammy can't make it out today for the game due to some other commitments that will keep her busy until after 3:15 pm or so, but spross will be out this afternoon to create the character he wants to play for the land-based campaign of Atlantis: The Second Age. He was originally playing a Scythian adventurer, but will be switching characters. Tammy will continue playing her Saturnian mercenary, but will be changing a bit of her background, so she'll be joining us on the phone this afternoon, hopefully, so I can coordinate some sort of...common element...between the two characters.

I'm looking forward to the gaming session, and we'll see how it goes. Since I like character creation in the Atlantis: The Second Age system, I'm looking forward to it somewhat more than usual. :crossed fingers::
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