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Player Character Creation for Atlantis: The Second Age Yesterday, Once More

Home from work for about 20 minutes or so. Long day.

As promised...

As mentioned in a blog entry this morning, I spent yesterday (Sunday) doing character creation for the Atlantis: The Second Age campaign with the Sunday players. Sort of.

spross came out for the Sunday session close to the usual time, but Tammy couldn't make it out due to some stuff that she had to take care of, though we were going to talk by phone after 3:30 pm.

For the land-based campaign, Tammy will be playing her Saturnian mercenary, Alethea, but spross decided that he was going to re-create the character for the game, and switch out from the one he was playing before. He ended up creating an Ophiran adventurer for the game (he had been playing a Scythian adventurer), but took just about forever to create the character, and we didn't finish up until well after 5:00 pm. The character's not quite done in terms of equipment, and I'm just hoping that spross does a better job on the background for the character in terms of consistency and the like.

During character creation with SteveR, we spoke with Tammy as there was a bit in the Life Paths sequence that I wanted to tie in with her character, and hammered out a few other details, so that worked out well, I think (hope).

Overall, it was decent afternoon of doing character creation for the Atlantis: The Second Age game system of Antediluvian sword & sorcery, though a bit tedious at times. I'm looking forward to running the game again.
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