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Busy Friday Morning

Friday morning.

The end of the week. Finally. I'm pretty happy that the weekend is nearly upon us, as I really need a chance to recharge my personal batteries, and get some rest in and a bit of down time. The work week has been pretty hectic, and today is no exception, so it'll be nice to step away from the office and the stress of the job for the weekend and get away from it all. And I'm hoping the health stuff that I'm dealing with at the moment subsides somewhat, but I'm not optimistic about that, as whatever it is it's still plaguing me.

I need to take care of some bill payments before the weekend is out, and have a few things around the house to get done as well. The laundry has piled up somewhat, much to my annoyance, but such is life. And I've run out of some essential groceries, so that's something else I need to do a bit of this weekend as well (grocery shopping). Next week, money will flow out of my pocket as I'll need to refill several of the diabetes meds prescriptions, so my budget is pretty much set for next week.

On the positive side, I'll be doing some gaming this weekend, notably playing the River of Heaven RPG tonight with my Friday night players, and running Atlantis: The Second Age on Sunday afternoon. Been doing stuff pretty much every day this week for the Atlantis game, so there's good stuff ahead there. So looking forward to both games.

However, for now, back to work.
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