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Atlantis: City Guide Goodness

One of the products that I'm waiting for in terms of the Atlantis: The Second Age roleplaying game, is the Atlantis City Guide.

Over on RPGnet, Jerry D. Grayson posted up some of the artwork for the book, which is in layout, and I was intrigued by this piece.

The Prison of the Untamed Gods

So I sent a message asking him more about the place, and here's the stuff that he posted up about it, presumably the excerpt from the book.

Atlantis’ many past wars have decimated and erased entire cultures from the face of the Earth. Many Atlantean generals would bring homes slaves as well as the effigies of the conquered people’s gods. These gods were put on public display in a “prison”. The stone statues, religious artifacts, and primitive effigies are kept on display in separate rooms of a large granite building near the docks for all to see. Each room is dedicated to an imprisoned god and houses its relics, details of the history and the war that subjugated its people, and information on the great Atlantean men and women responsible for the victory. Many of the items are defaced with crude graffiti or smeared with animal offal or excrement. At night it is the Black Guardsmen along with the local Orixa priesthood who have the responsibility to lock the great building so that the angry untamed gods cannot escape.

A priestess of Ochosi assigned to the prison and who wants to see all the artifacts returned to their rightful places, she is very reasonable and tries to stop the sacrilege committed by tourists who come to see the “prisoners”.

The Black Guard and the priesthood are frightened of the building at night and keep all portals locked and barred. They say that one of the stone statues roams the halls at night enlisting the other imprisoned gods for an escape attempt. A magician or PC priest will be approached for help in stopping the wandering god.

I have to say that if the Atlantis City Guide's entries are all of a similar style to this, that book is going to be worth its weight in gold. I can't wait to get my hands on this book! :)
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