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A Busy Saturday Morning

I've had a busy morning of it.

Last night, the Friday gaming group continued with their River of Heaven campaign, and had a good night of it, finding themselves in a serious mess. I'll be blogging up the game session later today, assuming I have a chance to get the transcription of my notes done and all that.

Got to bed a bit later than I had planned, but woke up feeling groggy and a bit stuffed in the head. In addition to the usual stuff I've been suffering from of late. After breakfast and a shower, I headed out and did some grocery shopping and a couple of other things, and bought myself a new pair of sweaters at Mark's Work Warehouse. By the time I got back to the house, I felt the need to shower again to ease some of the aches and pains, so that's what I plan to do now.

After that, spross will stop by and then we're going to go out to the bank, over to the WIND Mobile place, and a couple of other stops. Since I don't have time to make lunch here at the house now, I think I'll see if I can convince him to go and have a burger with me at Harvey's.

Anyway, better shower.
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