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Sunday Musings

It's Sunday morning, and the day has started off pretty badly.

Woke up with terrible cramps in my abdomen, but fortunately those subsided somewhat as the morning hours have gone on. But my blood sugar is normal for today, so that's the good news.

I've got a kitchen sink that's been totally blocked for a couple of days, and that has proven fruitless in my attempts to fix or unblock. I've got a small stack of dishes that needs washing, and am debating where I'm going to do them, given that I can't use the sink to do that. While I'd call a plumber or some such, it's the weekend and their rates are astronomically high as is, without adding weekend/"overtime" fees to it. So I'll figure out a way to manage for the day.

In the meantime, this afternoon the Sunday gaming group will be playing Atlantis: The Second Age. I'm looking forward to the game, though I really hope that both players actually start playing the game in a more sword & sorcery style. We'll see.

For now, back to the sink. :(
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