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Friday Morning Thoughts, and Gaming Cancelled Tonight

Friday morning. Almost the weekend (if you work, of course).

I woke up this morning feeling somewhat tired, and a bit cranky, no doubt to feeling tired. Didn't sleep well last night, just tossing and turning. Obviously a lot of stuff going on in my head.

Work this morning is busy, much as I expected. It's Friday after all, and we're nearing a critical point in the current translation job that's ongoing, so I may be in the office later than usual today.

Gaming is off for tonight, as several of the Friday players have other commitments, so this means that I will not be running River of Heaven this evening. I was hoping to continue on with the game this week, but given that I'm fatigued today, perhaps it's for the best. Besides, I have Sunday's game of Atlantis: The Second Age to look forward to this weekend.

Speaking of Atlantis: The Second Age, I'll be doing a bit of work for the campaign when I get home from work this afternoon. I love the game system to death, but find it...challenging, at times, to come up with scenario ideas and plots for the game. Not sure why. That said, in a lot of ways, I really regret not running Atlantis at CanGames this year. Ah, well...
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