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Nasty Surprise at Home

Came home from work to get a nasty shock.

I went downstairs to change into something comfortable and wash up a bit, when I realized that there had been someone in the house. There was laundry in the laundry room, that wasn't mine, and when I went into the lower level bathroom, the sink was full of blood!

The odd thing was there was no blood elsewhere, but I was more concerned immediately that I had somehow cut myself badly in the morning and didn't realize it. I went back into the laundry room, and found that the additional laundry there was my mother's. She must have come over while I was at work to do some of her laundry, as she lives in a high-rise condo where the laundry gets done at pay machines in the basement. But I couldn't figure out what the blood was from.

So, I go upstairs, and check, but her car is not in the parking lot. I went and checked the answering machine, and sure enough there's a message on there from her. The message said she had come by my place around 12:30 pm to have lunch and do laundry, and that she had badly cut the top of her arm on one of the knobs of the dryer. She had gone to Ottawa General to have the arm checked out, but the wait was about four to six hours. I called the hospital, and she was still there, waiting, but she told me not to come there until she called me back, as the parking at the hospital is just so expensive.

Anyway, I've gone back downstairs and have cleaned up the blood in the sink and on the counter and all, and will sit and worry while I wait for her to call to let me know how she is doing. I've eaten a spot of late lunch, and have also put mom's laundry on to wash.

On top of everything, I woke up this morning with a bit of a cough again. I really hope I haven't caught a bug again.

I knew that I had too good a weekend to last. I had really thought that my luck with taking a turn for the better. *sigh* What a week this is shaping up to be... *sigh*
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