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Sleepless on a Saturday

It's Saturday morning, and normally I'd be overjoyed that it's the weekend, but...

I didn't game with the Friday gaming group last night, so was able to get to bed somewhat early, around 10:30 pm, and then read for about half an hour. You'd figure I'd get a good night's sleep right? Well, you'd be wrong.

I did not have a good night's sleep. The damn phone rang at 2:30 am, with no one on the line despite it's ringing at least six times. And then, just as I was finally nodding off again, the phone rang again at 4:15 am. Same thing. Not a lot of sleep. Meh. :(

While I'm hoping to get in a bit of a nap (or maybe two or three!) during the rest of the day, I'm exhausted, I feel like crap, and I've got to go out this morning to buy a few groceries and take care of a few other things this afternoon as well.

I'm also planning to do some work on the various Atlantis: The Second Age RPG projects I'm working on, including a draft of a possible convention scenario. If I can keep my eyes open today. *yawn*
Tags: atlantis rpg, convention, grocery shopping, life, personal, preparation, rpg, rpg hut, saturday, scenarios, sleepless, tired

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