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A Rough Satur-day

It has been a long, for the most part, miserable day.

I've been out and about pretty much for most of the day today, adding to the tiredness and wretchedness that I've been feeling since I didn't get any sleep last night (see the previous blog entry for the reasons why).

The grocery shopping and the errands that I've managed to take care of today have both come at the cost of a couple of serious sugar lows; fortunately I was prepared for them, but that doesn't make it any less uncomfortable. My feet ache, my legs ache, my body aches, and I've got headache on top of that (I don't think it's migraine). That said, I did get outside into the fresh air, so there has to be something positive about that.

When I got home, I heard from Kathy. She told me that she, David, and David's wife are going out to dinner, and then go see a movie tonight, The Age of Adaline, and wondered if I wanted to come out with them. I thought about it, and while I don't really want to go, I decided to go, as they'll be good company and I could use another excuse to get out of the house.

So I'm looking forward to that. :) Hopefully, I'll be able to stay awake for it all. :)
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