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Chill RPG 3rd Edition PDF Released Today

Yesterday was a good day in so many ways, notably on the roleplaying front. :)

I received my notice to through the Kickstarter for the game to get hold of the PDF version of the new, 3rd Edition of the Chill RPG, and download it I did.

For those interested, you can purchase and download the Chill RPG, 3rd Edition game through Drivethru starting today by following this link:

Here's what the game rulebook cover will be.

Chill RPG, 3rd Edition cover

Having downloaded it, and browsing it before starting to read it, I want to say that it's a really great book of around 290+ pages, has lots of fantastic and evocative artwork, and the writing (and editing!) is simply superb. The history of SAVE has been updated to the present, there's some neat twists and turns to this version of the game, and the rules are simple but elegant. I think that all the SAVE offices/chapters for the new game are quite amazing, and I was really proud to contribute the Ottawa one. I wasn't sure how much detail on the offices/chapters would be provided, but the rules/mechanics for creating the SAVE offices are quite good. And I've got my complete set of notes on the Ottawa chapter so... One of the new mechanics introduced is the concept of Light and Dark tokens. Here's what those will look like when the Limited Edition Boxed Set goes out to those who backed it.

Chill RPG 3rd Edition light and dark tokens

I can't wait to get my hands on the physical copy of the book - not to mention some of those tokens!

Kudos to the folks at Growling Door Games all around for such a fine (PDF) product. And I think the physical book to is going to live up to this fine standard.
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