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The Birds! The Birds!

As noted, it's May 1st. But it's also Friday morning. And that means the end of the work week.

Truth be told, this has been a hellish week in various ways, with only a few rays of sunlight creeping in and making me feel any pleasure whatsoever.

See, I haven't gotten a lot of sleep this week. I live in a split-level condo on the ground level and the sub-ground level, while someone else has a split level home above me. This week, the kitchen window, the dining room window, and the windows down in the lower level bathroom and in my bedroom have come under attack by birds. I think they're robins. Constant pecking at the windows waking me up in the early daylight hours, and so I've not had a lot of sleep.

I got in touch with the bird conservation people here in Ottawa, and they told me that what's going on is that it's mating season. The males are particularly aggressive, and seeing their own reflections in the windows, think it's a rival, get the picture. Anyway, they suggested that I paper over the windows to prevent the birds from seeing the reflections, so I've done that on the ground level windows, but can't do it (other than inside) on the windows in the dining area and kitchen. It's partially alleviated the problem, but all of those windows now have pretty severe scratch marks on them.

Now, if I could just get one night's peaceful night of sleep. Please. :)
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