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Sunday Morning Thoughts

Woke up this morning feeling somewhat tired and also hurting from what I did to myself yesterday night.

That said, I spent part of yesterday out and about in the morning doing some grocery shopping for veggies and the like and taking care of some arrangements for Mother's Day for my mom. spross came by around lunch time and he and I went out for lunch over at Harvey's. A good lunch, to be sure. :) From there, we went over to Staples, and we took care of the photocopying that needed to be done for CanGames (which is coming up in less than two weeks, starting the 15th of May). I got the printing done that I needed for the River of Heaven RPG and the Chill 3rd Edition RPG (more on that game in the early part of the week); I didn't need to copy any stuff for the Primeval game that I'll be running there, since I've got those printouts from when I last ran it at HammerCon a year or so back.

Since it was a hot day outside, I convinced spross (and didn't have to twist his arm too much!) to go over to Dairy Queen, where we had Orange Julius treats. Cool and refreshing on a hot day. :) We went back to my place from there and I dropped off the photocopying, and then went out to the west end and stopped in at the Comic Book Shoppe on Clyde as it was Free Comic Book Day. Didn't pick up any stuff, talked to a few friends and acquaintances, and then headed back for my place. Suffice it to say, Mom, spross, and I went out to supper for the night at my favourite Chinese restaurant in the city, Brother Wu. Lovely meal.

I got home relatively late, around 9:15 pm or so, and just around the time I was about to take my insulin, the *bad thing* happened. I had just finished my blood test before taking my insulin for the night, and as I came out of the bathroom, I scraped my arm hard against the bathroom door. Unfortunately, where I have a large birthmark. Anyway, the bleeding was copious at first and didn't stop oozing through the bandage I applied for a good hour or so, though I managed to take my insulin injection. My arm hurts this morning, and I must have jarred my left side somewhat when I hit/slid against the door.

Suffice to say, I got to bed much later than I had planned, and in the end didn't get a lot of sleep, since the papering of the windows that I did to prevent the bird stuff from happening again (see my blog entry here) didn't work, as one of the windows got unpapered somehow. So I was up very early again this morning, and haven't had much sleep again. *sigh*

Anyway, stuff to do this morning, so I'd better try and get to it.
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