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Busy Monday Morning

It's Monday morning, and the start of a new week.

I got to bed relatively early last night, around 10:45 pm or so, right after taking my insulin injection and a small bowl of Cheerios, and managed to get a half-decent night's sleep, though because of the birds business of late, I'm still feeling somewhat sleep deprived.

Yesterday's gaming session was relatively decent, and I had a pretty good afternoon running Atlantis: The Second Age. I'll blog about that as soon as I get the chance, but I still have to transcribe and write up Friday night's game session of River of Heaven as well, so... expect it when you see it. :)

Work is busy this morning, as the start of the work week usually is, especially when working on the final third of the translation project I've currently got, and I'll be in meetings for most of today, so that promises to keep me busy as well.

Gaming-wise, I plan to spend this week doing some work on the three games that have my interest at the moment - Atlantis: The Second Age, River of Heaven, and Chill 3rd Edition. And, of course, CanGames for 2015 is coming up in less than two weeks now, so I'm going over the material for the convention, and looking forward to that as well. :)
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