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Wednesday Morning, and Looking Forward

Wednesday morning. The middle of the week. Half-way to the weekend.

It's been a busy week at work, as the project I'm working on is reaching the end of its stretch run, and it's been a hectic time, not likely to slow down until Friday when the translation work that's being done should be wrapped up. Next week, the lead-in to the Victoria Day weekend, should be a relatively easy week work-wise, as the project winds down, but I'm not counting my chickens before they've hatched (so to speak).

While this weekend is the Ottawa ComicCon (which I will not be attending), next weekend (the 15th) will be the CanGames 2015 convention here at the Rideau Curling Club, and I'm looking forward to that. This year, I managed to get all the stuff done for the games I'm running relatively early, and just have to re-read the scenarios and the like and make sure the player character sheet photocopies and the like are all in binders to take with me. I'll worry about that the start of next week.

So I'm looking forward to a peaceful, quiet weekend upcoming, with Mother's Day on the Sunday (which I've already prepared for).
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