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Homemade Chill RPG CM Screen

One of the things I love with roleplaying games is GameMaster (GM) Screens. Part of it for me is that the GM Screen affords the person running the game some secrecy of gaming materials for the game that they might not want the players to access. Another is that they hide dice rolls that the GM is making, which is sometimes necessary. The GM Screen also has all the charts and tables that a GM could want that are regularly used for the game in one place, thus cutting down how much time the GM spends flipping through the book looking for certain charts. Finally, the GM Screen serves as a wonderful means of advertising the game, especially at gaming conventions, where potential players interested in playing a game can see the GM Screen and get a visual feel for what the game is or what it's like, but it also serves to advertise the game in the marketplace that is game conventions as well.

Anyway, since I'm not sure there will be a CM Screen for the Chill 3rd Edition RPG, I've made one up for myself with the help of spross. Besides, I wanted to to have a CM (Chill Master) Screen for the game when I run it at CanGames next Saturday night so as to have the various charts. So for those who are considering playing in the game, here's a bit of a look (albeit a bad one, since I'm not much of a photographer) at the homemade CM Screen, starting with the full exterior of the item...

While the centre panel is pretty obvious, here's the left-most panel, and below that the right-most panel...

Anyway, looking forward to running Chill 3rd Edition at CanGames next weekend. Hope to see folks sign up at the convention for the game, and look forward to seeing everyone there.
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