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The (Origins) Weekend...but Not For Me

Well, this weekend is the Origins weekend. I hope that most of my LJ friends who have gone down there are having a terrific time. Last year at this time, I was lamenting the fact that I couldn't be at Origins, as the funds just weren't there for reasons that I needn't go into here. It was a horrible, depressing week, to say the least, but the weird thing is that this year, while I would have loved to have been there and seen the folks from Exile Games (the folks who make Hollow Expedition, and who are giving over a bit of booth space to the guys from Greymalkin Designs and Desolation) and Aetherco (the folks who make Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet), I've not really had a chance to lament stuff because there's been so much stuff going on.

To start with, there was last night's game of Continuum with the Friday night group.

This is going to be a pretty brief report. It wouldn't make sense to anyone who hadn't played the game and wasn't familiar with the manner in which time travel works in Continuum anyway, so...

The player characters and the last session of the game that I ran were described in this journal entry, for those who want to know. The players learned from their Mentor and through a bit of spanning around that their Leveller problems were being instigated by someone who had not yet joined the Corner, but seemed to have a grudge against them.

Meanwhile, in the search for the priceless financial volume, the player characters found themselves having to suss out who exactly the time travelling thugs with the hourglass symbol on their clothes are/were, and what they have to do with the book itself. Spanning hither and yon, the characters encountered the AntiHorloges, as the villains called themselves, yet again, and engaged them in a Time Combat that was both fast and furious, if a little time consuming on their Ages.

The player characters were warned by an elder of Jean that the recovery of the book is/was not as important as the problems going on at the Level. When asked if the Level problems were being caused by the AntiHorloges, Jean's Elder merely said that further information was not available, and spanned away. Needless to say, before we wrapped up for the night, the player characters had a long, hard debate about what to do. When the player characters had almost decided to go against Jean's elder's advice - much to Jean's annoyance and consternation! - I announced that Jean was manifesting the first signs of frag! Needless to say, the players were *annoyed* when I said that it was 12:30 am, and time to stop for the night.

Kathy and SteveB both said that it was a truly enjoyable session, although Kathy said that her hand was tired, as she had filled in an entire Span sheet during the night! Joanne, on the other hand, who experienced Frag for the first time, was seriously flabbergasted at what had gone on - and then said that she *loved* the game, and that the intricacies of playing a character in the system were terrific. Overall, a good night was had. We won't be playing Continuum next Friday night, the 4th, since that will be the day after my birthday, and Nick is going to be running a game so that I actually get to play!! Yayyyyy!!! :> I don't know what, as he's not telling, but looking forward to it...

The day today, Saturday, started with a morning shopping trip for a few pairs of shoes and some polo shirts, as I need to start getting the wardrobe stuff together soon for the trip in August to Gen Con Indy. While I'm not trying to look natty down at the convention, I'd rather not spend the entire convention wearing t-shirts, to be honest. As for the shoes, well, new shoes are in order given my foot issues these days, so one or two pairs won't hurt. Picked up about seven polo shirts that I really like, but have to figure out the size issue on them (which to buy, L or XL, as I'm always concerned about laundering shrinkage). Bought four pairs of shoes, but I will only keep two. I can't try shoes on in the store when I've been walking on the feet a lot, and will wait for this evening or tomorrow to try and see if they fit properly and if I like them enough. Only going to keep two pairs.

The early part of Saturday afternoon was spent doing a bit of writing. I have my HEX scenario, "The Secret of Lake Qechacua", that I'll be running at Gen Con this year, and am just polishing a few of the sections, making stuff consistent with the prequel and the sequel to it, and generally fleshing out a couple of details that needed to be done.

spross dropped by after work, and he and I went back to the Ottawa Foreign Exchange office so I could cash in a bit more Canadian $s for U.S. ones. The rate was 1.02, pretty good, but I was somewhat shocked to see that the British pound was at $2.05 Canadian. Doing pretty good that Pound Sterling, any of me British LJ friends planning trips to Canada in the near future? <g>

Got home to find that Mom had arrived. She brought back my handled carry-on bag for the trip to the States, since she had used it when she went to Philadelphia to see my sister about two months ago, and we had made plans for her to stay for dinner. Her arm is doing alright, despite the itching that she's got there, but she's still not able to do a lot with it at times, so I'm making dinner shortly.

Tomorrow is going to be another day with the Sunday gaming group, and they will start to play Continuum in earnest. *Really* looking forward to that! :)

So, Origins, what's that? :)

Anyway, heading upstairs to start making supper.
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