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Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Woke up this morning feeling tired, creaky, and somewhat cranky.

I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, tossing and turning for the most part. Just too many things in my head, I guess. The birds have not woken me up in a few days, which is good, though I'm feeling achy and run-down for the most part from whatever this bug is that's ailing me at the moment.

On the subject of what's ailing me, I have an appointment to see the family doctor in the mid-afternoon, so hopefully will find out what's ailing me exactly. Or not. Not a lot of faith in doctors these days, unfortunately. Will blog about that a bit more later today, once I'm home from the doctor's office.

Work this week is coming along nicely as the work project I'm on moves towards its resolution. Should be done by Thursday, I'm hoping.

And then the long weekend starts.
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