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Doctor Appointment Results

I am home.

Had a good day at work, and then went off to lunch at Harvey's and then over to the doctor's office for my appointment.

There's good news and bad news. The doctor is pleased with my progress with my diabetes. I've lost four (4) pounds since I last saw him, and my blood sugars are good. I'll be seeing him again on the second week of June, and will be getting blood tests and urinalysis done to make sure the new drugs are mucking with my kidneys and stuff.

The bad news is that I'm down with a mild case of bronchitis. He said that I've been lying on my side in bed at night, and that's why the right side and part of the back hurt me there, from the coughing at night, and that I need to lie on my back instead. The doctor doesn't want me on an antibiotic (as I've had too many of them the last five years or so, and there's the mixing of that with the meds cocktail that I already take), but that I should drink lots of fluids, take some vitamin C, and take decongestants, throat lozenges, and Aleve as I need it. He told me that lots of folks are subject to this when the weather changes as abruptly as it's been doing here in Ottawa of late. So I guess I just grin and bear it.

spross has always said that I'm much more creative with my games when I'm somewhat ill, so that should make this weekend quite the lot of fun for my players! :) Anyway, I plan to rest over the next couple of days as much as I can, and drink lots of herbal tea with some honey and lemon. Easy does it.
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