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Friday Morning Meanderings

It's Friday morning. The end of an abbreviated work week.

To be honest, I've spent most of this week in a bit of a dazed funk, due primarily to the severe allergies I've been suffering and the post-CanGames blues. Sure, I've had a few things on my mind and had stuff to do (including the writing of the CanGames reports and all), but my head has felt for the most part like a cotton ball filled parody of a human. Add to that the ongoing health issues that my goddaughter has faced this past week, and I think some of the stress has gotten to me as well.

Work this week has gone relatively quietly by. This is to be expected after the long Victoria Day weekend, but it's also because the language translation project I was working on has finished and it's just the mop up job before heading into the next one. I'm grateful for the lull this week, but in some ways it's given me way too much time to think.

I'll need to stop off at the grocery store on the way home from work, as I need to buy a few veggies and some bread, and the fixings for making some stir fry tomorrow night. The city is sending in some folks from the company that installed the water meters here at the condo complex who are coming in to make some changes to the equipment, so I have to be home between 1 and 5 pm today. So I'll be leaving the office a bit earlier than usual today, but that's not a problem (see above).

In good news, my goddaughter is home from the hospital and resting, the new drug she started seeming to have done the trick. I'm not sure yet if I'm gaming with the Friday night folks tonight or not, but will know more about that later today.
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