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Friday Night Board Games

Spent Friday night gaming with my players from the gaming group, but we didn't play any roleplaying games.

As noted in other posts from the week that has passed, my goddaughter has had some health problems connected to her diabetes that had her in the hospital for long periods, and neither she nor Kathy were up to any roleplaying games last night. The other players agreed that we should still get together last night, and the group decided that they wanted to play some board games.

With my goddaughter still resting somewhat, it was decided that I would go out to Kathy's place to game last night, so Angela (who lives out here in the east end) came by to pick me up (since I'm still not allowed to drive the car yet), and we went over to Kathy's to have supper before last night's gaming session.

Kathy whipped up a nice, simple dinner of steak with salad and some mashed potatoes (one of Ellie's favourites, and mine too!), and once we were all assembled, the evening of gaming began. I had taken two games with me, Tales of the Arabian Nights and Dragonriders of Pern, for the evening and the group chose to play the former.

I'm not going to go into detail about the game, but we were all pretty pleased with the game and its outcome for the night. We managed to play a complete game in just around 4 hours or so, didn't rush things, had a humourous, fun time watching our characters suffer the slings and arrows of Fate, and Ellie actually did all the paragraph reading for a period of about 20 minutes straight before she got tucked into bed for the night. Her mood was much improved (according to Kathy, this morning) and so the evening of gaming and seeing some of us (hopefully myself included) was good for her. I found a couple of Treasures in the game, got shape-shifted twice, and Lost once during the course of the game, and so did not win this evening's game. That said, I couldn't have cared less as I was having so much fun just relaxing, and enjoying the adventures and mishaps that my character (and the others) had.

It's been a while since I got to play this game, and an enjoyable night was had all around. Tales of the Arabian Nights certainly hit the right spot for me last night. :)
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