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Sunday's Game Session

Promised Donna that I would talk about Sunday's game session.

The three players, spross, Tammy, and oni_neko, showed up yesterday to play Continuum, the time travel rpg from the folks at Aetherco, and this was the second game prep session for the game. The first session was about character generation, and actually finishing up the characters themselves, whereas this session was about a variety of stuff that the players need to know before they can play the game.

The players learned the basic game mechanics, and then went through some samples of Leveller combat (Time Combat is something they will get to experience, not sample! <g>), since they will need to be able to handle that at some point. Finally, I took the players through "Things That Spanners (and Thus Their Players) Need to Know 101", and finally talked about the Novice corner that the players will be in, Tulips in Bloom.

The looks of bewilderment and bafflement on the faces of the players at times during the Being a Spanner 101 sequence, and the questions that were being asked as well, made it clear that I had made the right choice to go through some of the basic material before we started to play. The game suggests that some of this is done in character, between the player characters and their Mentor, but I thought it was a better idea to handle this out of character, so that the players could get a grasp on the time travel aspects first. Besides, I figure they'll be asking their Mentor all sorts of questions in regard to this stuff once play starts next session anyway. This gives them a basic grounding, and gives the players a bit of time to mull things over and all.

They seem to have had a pretty good afternoon, despite the looks of pain and trying to get their heads around some of the concepts, and all seemed to like the Tulips in Bloom corner that they'll be a part of. Unfortunately, we will not be playing Continuum next Sunday afternoon, as family matters will concern several of my players, and thus play will resume the second Sunday of the month, Goddess willing.
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