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Character Creation/Practice Session of Chill 3rd Edition on Sunday

As mentioned yesterday, the Sunday players took on the challenge of taking the Chill 3rd Edition game rules and character generation system for a drive. It was a lovely, interesting afternoon that was well spent.

Once both spross and Tammy had arrived around 1:00 pm, we got set up for character generation. I talked with them about the game world, the basic mechanics, and how character creation works in Chill 3rd Edition, and then both players got down to it.

When the dust finally settled, Tammy created a pair of characters, both nameless as of this time. One of them is a detective and the other is an antiques expert who works at an auction house. spross, on the other hand, took the crazy alternative of creating *himself* as a player character for the game, a maintenance worker, with what Tammy and I consider to be less than successful results. While it's fine to idealise oneself a bit in a roleplaying game, Chill 3rd Edition is an investigative horror rpg with normal people as the stars of the show. And when you're going to create yourself for the game, you have to be somewhat honest with yourself. And let's say spross wasn't totally that. :) (I can't tell you any more details about the characters, since I don't have the character sheet information that the two players did up.)

Overall, it was a satifying afternoon of Chill 3rd Edition character creation, and I threw in an addition 25-minute quick session to show the players the mechanics and how they work, set at an abandoned farmhouse outside Winchester, Ontario. Lots of fun.
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