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R.I.P. Tanith Lee (1947-2015)

Oh. No.

Author Tanith Lee has passed away.

British Writer Tanith Lee Passes Away at Age 67

I am...saddened, and devastated. A writer of science fiction, horror, and fantasy, Tanith Lee was the author of over 90 books, 300 stories, and also wrote poetry. She wrote a classic episode of the Blake's 7 UK show, "Sarcophagus", but is best known for her literary work.

I first read Tanith Lee's work with The Birthgrave (1975), a novel that really did inspire my love of certain types of fantasy, and from that point on I avidly read everything that she wrote (though in these later years I fell behind somewhat). the Birthgrave was followed later by two books wrapping up that story cycle, but I was also enamoured of the Four-BEE series, the Tales of the Flat Earth series, The Secret Books of Paradys series, The Secret Books of Venus series, and so many of her stand-alone novels and collections of short fiction.

What a sad, sad loss for the literary field, and for fans of science fiction, horror, and fantasy.

Rest In Peace, Tanith Lee.

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