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Still Down and Out

Friday morning. Another day, no dollar.

I'm still being laid low by the sciatica on my left side, but this morning there seems to be a little less pain then there was, though that may be partially the meds that I'm taking. Still doing this stuff from the mobile phone. Not as nice and as easy as working from my laptop, but it is what it is.

Taking the day off work again today, much to my boss's ire. Got no choice, as I can barely move around still without searing, stabbing pain. Haven't even been able to do any grocery shopping, and I'm running out of some of the essential foodstuffs.

There is no gaming tonight with the Friday group, but not because of the health stuff. The Friday night group is switching to a bi-weekly schedule for the rest of the summer as the gamers all have stuff they want to do, and they want to get out and enjoy the weather (such as it is). I've got no problem with this, and am hoping I'll be able to run the gaming session next weekend as per usual. ::cross fingers::

That's all I got right now.
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