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June 1st

June 1st.

The start of a brand new month, and one that will herald the coming of summer in all its heat and glory.

May was something of a trying month for me health-wise, as I've had a pretty bad bout of sciatica (which isn't over yet) at the end of the month, but it was a pretty good month in most other regards. Gaming was pretty good last month, notably the 2015 edition of CanGames, and I'll be running continuing to run Atlantis: The Second Age during the month as well as possibly another roleplaying game. (Stay tuned in that regard.)

I'm not sure what June will bring, though there will be some surprises I expect. I've got a Footcare clinic appointment the third week of June, and a doctor's appointment before that after some blood tests this week to see what the new meds are doing to my organs. Hopefully, a change in health care for the good is in the offing, but I'm not taking bets.

In the meantime, I caught about 6-1/2 hours of sleep last night and have all manner of stuff to do here at the office this morning. (More on being at the office later.)

Back to work.
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