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Anniversary, of Sorts

Today is an anniversary of sorts.

Exactly one year ago today, Stef dumped me. (If you really want to, you can read more about that day here.)

I like to think that I came through the experience a better person, although I admit the first couple of months after that break-up were kind of bad. From a health point of view, I didn't take care of myself all that well, although things could have been much worse.

I find myself a year later wondering at times of what might have been. Not often, mind you, but the start of the new month has brought this home to me. The odd thing is that last week, Kathy and SteveB came over about 8:00 pm, and we talked about all sorts of stuff. Both of them commented that since the break-up with Stef, I've been somewhat stand-offish and socially isolated.

This gave me pause for thought. I realized that I haven't been as social as I used to be, and I certainly seem to avoid social situations more often than not. I think part of this stems from the fact that I'm in my 50's now, and to be honest, I feel somewhat...lonely. Notice I didn't say alone. I'm quite happy for the most part living in the skin that I have, and am comfortable being on my own.

Ah, I guess I just need to get out and socialize more. Or maybe not. I've got a number of good friends, that I can count on two hands. And I don't think I want to get involved in any relationships right now. Of course, you know what they and relationships have a funny way of finding you when you're least looking for them.

*Bah!* I've obviously got too much time to think on my hands! *sigh*

Well, seeing as how it's Canada Day, maybe I'll go out and see some of the free concerts going on. Or just take a walk and see where I end up. Assuming my feet last that long. :)
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