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Sunday Morning, and Gaming Thoughts

It's Sunday morning.

Been a relatively quiet morning so far, and I'm somewhat tired. Had a bit of a rough night, sleep-wise, as I woke at around 3:00 am with gastric reflux. Stressed out a bit from the last couple of days, so not all that much of a surprise, but still, would have been nice to get that good Saturday night's sleep.

Being as it's Sunday, I'll be playing this afternoon with the Sunday gaming group. The players are going to be continuing on with their Atlantis: The Second Age, and they're getting a new player to boot! Should make things all the more interesting, to be honest, and will hopefully give Tammy someone else to talk with. Assuming the two characters actually get along. :)

Anyway, looking forward to gaming today, but in the meantime, I need to take care of some personal stuff this morning.
Tags: acid reflux, atlantis rpg, gaming hut, health hut, life, new player, personal, rpg hut, sleepless, sunday gaming group

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