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Sunday Morning Thoughts

It's Sunday morning here at Casa Kahane.

I can't say that I feel too bad this morning, though my left ankle and leg are hurting somewhat. Not to be unexpected, I suppose, given all the stuff that I've put the leg and ankle through this week.

Spent much of Saturday relaxing while doing a ton of laundry, as that stuff doesn't wash and dry itself. Yesterday was mostly a day of doing t-shirts and towels and one set of bed linens. I did manage to do a bit of reading in between laundry loads, and also dug out the gaming box with all of my SkyRealms of Jorune RPG materials when spross dropped over before he headed for work. While I'll be running the game at CanGames 2016 next year, I'm thinking of running something of a campaign of Jorune as well.

In the meantime, time to clean away the breakfast dishes, and then do the same for my body in the shower.
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